Should I get a Divorce?


Couples come to mediation not really knowing why they want to divorce. They have no idea what they are in for as far as

reduced income, expenses of children, living arrangements, visitation, custody, partition of property. Life becomes

more difficult especially in the financial area. Lack of communication and really listening to the other partner are

chief causes of Divorce. They say one or the other party has formed a relationship with someone else they feel

is more compatible but this is not always the case. I have had couples leave mediation saying ‘the grass is really not

going to be greener on the other side.”‘ For some it may be true but for others it is a chance for a new and fresh start.

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If I leave our matrimonial home, do I give up my rights to a claim to the home?

Mediators can use the law as a guideline for clients to make decisions based on the information they receive from mediator. non lawyer mediators cannot give advice just information so clients can make their own decisions

Alberta Divorce Finances

Any questions and concerns during your separation and divorce with respect to your rights or claims should be directed to a family lawyer. Only a family lawyer can inform their clients of their legal rights and of the laws of divorce…read more

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A Quick Guide to Mediation Orientation

I am certified mediator and have been doing divorce mediation since 2004. Mediation is less costly and less stressful and I would be glad to help you mediate your divorce

Divorce That Works

Eileen Coen, J.D.,, discusses how to choose a Mediator.I frequently receive inquiries about divorce mediation, like this one:

Dear Eileen,

My spouse and I are interested in a non-adversarial divorce and we are looking for an experienced divorce mediator to help us. Please tell us about your philosophy, how you guide couples through the process, and the time and costs involved. Also – If we mediate, would we still need our own lawyers?

I answer these excellent questions and many others in a mediation orientation for couples prior to embarking on the mediation process.

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resolving conflicts at work

Most executives, managers, employees face conflicts on a daily or weekly basis spending 20 to 80 % of their working hours trying to resolve or contain them. With the right approach most conflicts are avoidable, and easily resolvable. Conflicts in our daily life are draining stressful and take a toll on health.  Pain ,loss and irretrievable damage  suffered by individuals, families and organizations in conflict can also create miracles of transformation when people find new solutions and are moved toward reconciliation and are able to reclaim peaceful lives and relationships. I am a certified workplace conflict mediator and believe most conflicts can be resolved  so that people  can move toward a more productive rewarding career and relationship to others.

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